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Once upon a time, this was the original home page of Carnival of the Capitalists. If you permalink here, please update to http://thecotc.com, the new new new home of Carnival of the Capitalists. If you followed a permalink here, you might want to let the referring site know of the change. Questions or comments? You may e-mail me at jay @ this domain.

Thank you for your interest. See you at the new CotC, at CotC's Twitter stream, or at one of the other "Solo J Enterprises" sites or one of the other links of interest listed below:

The CotC - New home of CotC
Bizosphere - Business and economics, former home of CotC
Frugal Guy Cook - My food, cooking, shopping and allergy coping blog
Divine Hamster - My blog of kids, culture, childhood memories and memories in the making.
Jay Solo's Verbosity - Sometimes retired personal blog that started all this.
Tersosity & Verbosity Newer personal blog and Twitter compendium.
Reality Bucket - Snarky political blog