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I'm Back!

Well, I made it home. The flights were both more turbulent than anything I have ever encountered in my modest air travel experience. We were being tossed around so much approaching Logan that I thought it would be a crash landing. So it's weird I remained totally calm and relaxed. Must be that marriage thing.

My beautiful bride is currently on the wrong coast, but I am flying back out there on January 31st to spirit her to our new apartment in southeastern Massachusetts.

I love the internet.

We found a one way flight to Los Angeles, non-stop from Boston, for a grand total of $107 and change. That's under $100 before taxes and fees. Wow! Deb will drive to LAX to fetch me, getting us to Fresno sometime after midnight on February 1st. We're leaving Fresno in her truck, pulling a trailer stuffed to the gills, either the evening of the 2nd or first thing the 3rd, and plan to make El Paso (earworm alert!) before we sleep the night of the 3rd. We are trying to balance the desire to visit with people against the desire for speed.

Anyway, the exact details are subject to change. Originally we were thinking of driving all the way east via the south, partly on the idea of hit and run in-person sightings of some other cool bloggers during our extended, one time commute. Now we may take a different route that puts us up through the length of Alabama, up through Tennessee and Kentucky, into Ohio to visit my brother. He's pretty insistent, and Deb is fond of him already, so barring inclemency (is that a word? well, it is now...), we will probably head there.

Anyway, I am rambling. I always wanted to drive across the country. Except when I was a crazy teen and wanted to bicycle across the country. This is my big chance! Even if I do have to make the TSA suspicious by flying one way.

I started a huge long post on how we got established, the wedding, and so forth, but it is now on the laptop of the new Mrs. Solo Ellis. Perhaps I can impose on her to send it to me for revamping and completion. It'll be nice to do that with my normal tools and without feeling like a computer hog. Then again, I typed most of it while she slept.

Barring that, I will at least post little snippets, like our experience outside the courthouse after getting the marriage license, and our first meals as a married couple and together in person too, with suicidal eggs as a bonus. All the President's advisors couldn't put Humpty together again. Not even our future President, Condi.

For now I have to do stuff other than make an obligatory post, like getting back to reality no matter how I feel and how little caffeine seems to be doing for me. I am still on Pacific time.

It's a good thing we'll be living together! I just got a bill for $273 in toll calls since we started talking. That's with most of our calls having been on cell service with massive numbers of minutes included at no extra cost. Yikes! Of course, this is no surprise, considering we spent up to 8 hours at a stretch on the phone. And with just a couple exceptions, never less than 2 hours. This is what happens when you meet the perfect soulmate at a distance. If you're like us, you will know what's happening within a matter if days, so you may as well move quickly...


Posted by: Jay Solo on Jan 07, 04 | 1:47 pm | Profile


Awww...you crazy kids had better let me know if you're in the area. I'd love to meet up!

Posted by: Gennie on Jan 07, 04 | 2:09 pm

You will have an awesome time. I've crossed this country , via the road ( a few times I hitched across) numerous time and it is a journey all should make.(but not hitching).
I am happy for ya'll being so happy. It is good to hear.

And, hey, there are lots of Ohio bloggers, I being one. Honk if you see a limo!

Posted by: zee on Jan 07, 04 | 2:45 pm

Jay, you might be in luck. I am moving to KY to start my new business, and will be there full time as of late January. If you come I-64 or I-65 through Louisville or up I-75 through Lexington, let me know and I will treat you two to lunch or dinner as my wedding gift.

Posted by: Rob on Jan 07, 04 | 2:50 pm

bah. Jackie and I burned up around 15000 minutes a month on calls. thats why the family plan with unlimited calling between the phones for $69 a month was worth its weight in gold.. grin
and damn right you better stop and visit.
its not a bad drive home from here either. 15 hours going through pen. that included stops. and its much nicer then going up towards buffalo. though if you wanted to swing by niagra on the way its worth a stop.
I will pester you in email later

Posted by: wayne on Jan 07, 04 | 4:57 pm

I've done 4 cross country trips and they're always interesting.

Posted by: Ith on Jan 07, 04 | 6:55 pm

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