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Tue Mar 16, 2010

Speed Shopping

My main opportunity to buy groceries has long been on my way home from work in the morning. It requires not being so early the stores aren't open yet, or else going to Walmart where it's open 24 hours. It also requires having enough time on the other side to complete the mission. I've been running about $30-40 a week lately (a problem in the long run, since on what I have to assume for income my food budget is about $3/week), not counting any money Deb passes along for me to shop and what she spends mainly at Walmart for the bulk of stuff that is best or most conveniently bought there. The kids have turned into locusts.

We run tighter together on shifts than we once did, so there are days I have to leave work early or there has to be another adult in the house to bridge the overlap. There are other days I don't make it home with much time to spare. It's rare that I can take lots of time, but usually I save it for when there's some leeway.

Today I needed to be home by 7:30. Hannaford, my shopping target due to what things I needed and sale prices, opens at 7:00. I usually get done just before to just after 7:00, and sure enough, it was about 6:57. Which is good! I'd forgotten to watch the clock and when I came up for air I was in a panic that I would make her late.

Now, that isn't as early as I'd prefer, but I was going to run out of sugar, coffee creamer, butter, really wanted to hit the sale on chicken, and had been out of milk for a couple of days. A combination of prices and a gift card I'd received for Christmas chose the store.

Now, some people think I take forever to go through a store and shop. I can see how it seems that way, with the kids, but I don't think I'm that bad. Usually.

So today I was quite proud of myself for burning through the store in SIX minutes, from stepping out of the car to getting in the car. It was a small trip, just $27-odd and $10 of that a pack of chicken, and I knew mostly what I wanted and where to find it. But still. Speed shopping. Go me!

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