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Sat Jan 31, 2004


OK, after doing the guest blogging for Discount Blogger mostly cause I never tried MT, I was curious about pMachine. Have a friend who tried it then went back to MT. Look about the same to me except pMachine has this little bar at the top where one can press to do the bold, italic, etc. stuff. Does pMachine have those slow as molasses rebuilds MT has? Still both remind me of Blogger. I'd be curious to know what advantages it has. I already know MT has a zillion plugins and is quite versatile.

That said, I use WordPress, fast, no rebuilding, can post to multiple categories, trackback on edit which is useful when you want to add another link to a post, has automatic comment throttling built in, comment moderation, password protection, and for those who have discovered Blogrolling Gold only allows 10 blogrolls, WP allows unlimited blogrolls, same features, and page loading won't stall if Blogrolling is down.

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How Wude

You were going to get a slightly longer post than this, but opening the next host of CotC's blog made all instances of IE crash and burn, and I was, unusually for me, composing right in the pMachine control panel rather than offline. I certainly hope the host for the 9th isn't afflicted by whatever active content tries to run and causes this crash when his turn to host CotC comes next week.

I am leaving today for California, to fetch my lovely wife back here where she belongs (which is to say, with me rather than far away; not that she belongs in Massachusetts per se). You are likely to see light posting for the duration, but no doubt some quick updates at night from the road.

I had a brief panic about locating my e-ticket this morning, but find it I did. Thought for sure I would have to run to the office and print a new copy! Which makes this one of those instances when having a printer at home would have been a Good Thing.

Guest blogging is still available. As long as it stays as classy as it has been so far, I will leave it on until at least Monday. Maybe the whole time I am on the road. If you have no idea what I am talking about, go see this post.

I should be back as much in full force as life allows after the 8th...

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And Did You Forget About Quaoar?

Aside from congratulations to Jay and Deb, I have to say something. Have you seen Jay’s links? What categories — I love ’em! He’s almost got the whole Solar System on his sidebar!

Quaoar Compared by Diameter

But, apparently, he’s not keeping up. There’s a new planet, Jay. It’s called Quaoar (no, I’m not kidding). So, what about it? Quaoareans? Quaoarans? Eh…I’ll leave it as an exercise. What’s an appropriate adjective for someone from Quaoar…?

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Fri Jan 30, 2004

Right We Are has a new blogger!

That's right people! Linda is the new co-blogger at Right We Are - so get on over there and see what she has to say!

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EGO here!

Deb & Jay: Congratulations!

Best Premises,
Martin Lindeskog, EGO blog.
Gothenburg, Sweden.

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I wonder...

if this is what if feels like to walk onto a nude beach for the first time?
well I'm sure its not as bad as that but still. I don't share my Brothers Jay's gift for writting.
Not to mention that I can't spell and my grammer is bad.

Hi Deb!!! <--- My new sister-in-law.. :-)
ahh ok thats about enough of me. time for me to vanish back into EQ..


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Ok, folks, where's the wackiness? Anyone? Anyone? I was expecting much more entertainment from you random folk wandering through here. Hmmmph.


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I Can Be Rather Lazy

But I don't think that's exactly what they're talking about.

It does make sense, and the mind/creative burst work versus hourly grind work mindset isn't new as a source of confusion or friction. When management from a pure hourly environment confronts managing the other kind of work environment (aka "herding cats"), they can be utterly lost, and accomplish little more than looking foolish and alienating their staff.

Different from the topic of effective work style and outlook for entrepreneurs, yet very much related.

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Speaking of sites I neglectd to blogroll, what happened to BoomNation?

It had looked so promising! I figured Oliver Williswould bring an interesting perspective to business news and commentary.

Plus the name is cool. Never underestimate the power of a cool name.

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Avast Ye Worthies

I thought it might be nice to acknowledge the people who have volunteered to host the forthcoming editions of CotC, as some of them have not even made it onto my blogroll yet. I too often tend to forget them until their turn approaches.

So listed below, from the most recent to least recent volunteers following Steve Verdon, Groundhog CotC host, are a whole mess of fine blogs, many business or economics oriented, or specialty focused. If you're looking for something new, you might like to check them out!

The Window Manager
Small Business Trends
Startup Skills
Kensho Godchaser
Brain Brew Radio
Knowledge Problem
Chicago Report
Crazy Pundit
The Entrepreneurial Mind
TJ's Weblog
The Nanopundit
Forgotten Fronts
Tasty Manatees
The Trommetter Times

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I'd give my left...

Er, uh, I don't think I should finish that sentence. But I sure as hell wish I could write like this:

Maybe someday we’ll live in a perfect libertarian world, where we drop tokens in the meter to walk on the privatized sidewalks to sell legal heroin to a tax-exempt hooker. But I’m not holding my breath.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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If He... Were King... Of The forrrrrrressst

Or in this case, if Deskmerc were running for President...

He has a really cool, extensively thought out space policy you might find intriguing.

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Grid Computing and Compassionate Conservatism is a single destination site for large-scale research projects
powered by the United Devices grid computing solution, Grid MP Global.
If you've ever used the SETI@Home screensaver, then you know how this
works. Your spare CPU cycles are used to run tasks for the projects that is currently working on.

From the Cancer Research Project sponsored by Intel and the University of
Oxford to the Anthrax Research Project sponsored by Intel and Microsoft, the
Grid MP Global @ has been put to use for research and analysis
projects of groundbreaking scope.

I found a group of Democrats on there, but couldn't find a group of
Republicans--so I decided to START one. If you'd like to help in this
project, go to Grid.Org and signup.

Once you have your account established and the software installed, go to
the page for the Republican Party and click "Join This Team".

Disclaimer: Not officially affiliated with the Republican Party. Just
a neat idea from a Party member.

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Gotta Try This

I've never used Pmachine before, so I figured I'd take Jay up on his offer. It's a pretty little gizmo you've got here. I do agree with Deb that it's kind of insane to open up your weblog like this... but then, who'll abuse it?? I just wanted a link on Jay's site, so I helped myself!

here's my superbowl predictions

- Jim

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I married a madman.

I mean, opening the blog to the masses? Heh. I can't wait to see what some of y'all come up with.

Today's my last day at work, so I'm more or less in time-killing mode unless something of great importance crops up. I'm more likely to sit here obsessing over what I don't have done yet than I am to post anything more, but I thought I'd make an appearance.

And tell my crazy husband that I love him.


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It's going around!

Kevin is the latest to invite guest posters. Anyone! Using a generic login.

Since I am and have been busy, I am thinking... hmmm, might be an interesting experiment. I have become memefected! Where will the contagion end?

The login name:

The password:

Go here to login. The rest is self-explanatory. If you have never used pMachine to post, now is your chance.

The name will display as "Not Me!" That's a beloved character from Family Circus.

Feel free to use this as a chance to link to something on your own blog, or post for the first time if you don't have a blog, or whatever. Be nice. I will keep an eye out, evil stuff will go away, and abuse will get the experiment/meme ended sooner rather than later.


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Thu Jan 29, 2004

It's Thursday!

That means it is time for my obligatory post reminding people to enter Carnival of the Capitalists for this week. Steve Verdon is your host for the Groundhog* Day edition.

Send your entries to... yep, you guessed it! Capitalists -AT- of course. Steve reports he only has about ten so far. Not many, not many... I know you guys can do better than that.

So wander on out of your blogrows, check out the signs of spring coming not-soon-enough, avoid those crazy people in Punxsutawney - especially the ones in tophats - and while you are at it, write a post or find a worthy post and submit it to Steve in honor of the happy midwinter day.

While you're at it, encourage all your blogging friends to unburrow themselves from elsewhere and dig into Carnival of the Capitalists.

* I don't know about law, but I believe this has some connection to sausage making...

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Well, There's No Disquising It

Jen definitely needs to plan to visit the Clinton Presidential Library to do away with her sore thumb.

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Wed Jan 28, 2004

Light Posting

Not that I have nothing to say, but I am kind of busy. Maybe tonight I will find it in me to post something fresh. Meanwhile, to paraphrase Clarice, there's always the blogroll, for links to peruse...

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Tue Jan 27, 2004

Visited States

This is rather cool! I first put in actual visited states, then I modified it to include states I expect to add next week, which takes out some discontinuities.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

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Just for the record, since this drives me inordinately crazy:

Refund: The money the government gives you back that was withheld in excess of the tax you actually owe for the year.

Return: The paperwork you file with the government to tell them what you made and had withheld, compute what you owe, and request that they refund you any excess.



Not the same.

Two different things.

Your refund may be money that was rightfully returned to you, but that does not make your refund your "return."

You can never "get a return back" from the government. You can send them a return (or file it electronically, these days). You can, however, "get a refund back" from the government.

Words have meanings. Know them. Use them. Enjoy.

That is all.

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Anybody Here Remember Roger, Ed and Gus

Rand Simberg has noted that today is an anniversary of some significance.

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Indeed, A Daffy Duck

Before I forget, I should point out that Sean Hackbarth has another edition of Duck Hunt, number 8 to be exact, up at The American Mind, a blog that is always worth checking out, not just for fun at Howard Dean's expense.

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I Have The Strangest Dreams

I have the most bizarre dreams.

Last night it was Michael Moore and Jay Leno in a dream. We were sitting at a small round table in what could have been a TV show studio. They were talking and being amazing idiots, totally misguided on whatever the topic was. I was eating and chose to ignore them rather than having my temper boil over, so I focused on what was on the small plate I was eating from. Seems I was trying to finish and then get out of there.

Finally, I think when they insisted I talk and refute them, I got up and fled across what was apparently a stage, going through a door at the audience's right, toward the back.

I ran through a backstage area in which there were huge metal vats, giant mixing bowls, basically, on what resembled giant mixers (I used to hang out with someone who made donuts and this is what they used). It also reminded me of a factory I did security work in once where they made cotton products (where I learned I was allergic to bales of raw cotton).

As I tried to flee through there, people started dumping spaghetti onto the floor in my path or potential path, from all those metal containers. I found myself struggling to keep my feet through huge mounds of slippery spaghetti, but eventually made it out the door at the back left of that room.

Around that point, I found myself in an apparent new dream about waiting in a garage's waiting area for a car to be fixed, but the details are vague.

Ugh, Michael Moore invading my dreams!

Speaking of strange dreams, they get especially surreal at times. I had one once about riding an "elevator" through space that looked like a beam of light, and meeting a human-looking family of aliens heading the opposite way, to Earth.

Sometime in the last few months, I had a dream in which I was being sort of haunted by children I was supposed to have but hadn't and expected never to. They were floating ghostly in a gray waiting zone, and getting impatient with me for not fulfilling their potential to be. Very bizarre.

Speaking of aliens, I once dreamed of a purple alien stepping out in front of my car, trying to get me to come with him. I frantically drove away, knowing something sinister was going on and I shouldn't go.

Yep. Strange dreams indeed.

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My Doom

I was going to post about My Doom last night, but felt more like sleeping.

I could see it start to come on in before the virus definitions for Sybari Antigen even updated to cover it. I have attachments blocked based on extension, so they got neutered anyway.

The annoying thing it does, as some of you with the right kind of hosting will notice, is it sends mail to nonexistant addresses @ your domain. If you are the admin account and the domain will pass any unrecognized e-mails to the admin, you will get a ton of them if someone infected has your domain among the ones they are sending to. Some of them actually masquerade as bounce messages with attachments they want you to open to see what bounced! Clever kids these days. Many of them have subjects of "hi" or "hello" or "test." I am a big fan of meaningful subject lines as often as possible (though I have been guilty of short and ambiguous many times myself), and I hate hate hate when people use no subject at all in an e-mail. I always see that and think "a newbie!" Anyway, so many worms have used a subject of "hi" that when I see any e-mail with a subject of "hi" now, I am automatically suspicious of it. That's kind of sad.

One funny thing this time around... We have used Sybari Antigen for almost two years. I have always had it set to e-mail notify me if an infection was detected. It never has. Not once.

This time it did. But only on some mails that were arriving in my inbox as bounces or fake bounces. Bizarre. All it accomplished was to give me more mail to delete or ignore.

Anyhow, as always, you should never open unexpected attachments of any kind. Never open executable attachments unless you are absolutely certain wat they are and who they are from and so forth. If you have no clue what constitutes "executable," it is time to learn. I consider this something any computer user should learn within the first days of using a PC for the first time. If you don't know what an "extension" is, go back and repeat your first hour as a PC user. Find out then. And Microsoft has done nobody any favors by hiding extensions by default! WTF is up with that!? But I digress.

I won't lecture anyone about making sure you have an antivirus program running and updated if you are on the internet. I have spent plent of time not so equipped and relying on my own savvy to avoid, or promptly detect and eliminate, infection. But it's a damn good idea.

Here is the Symantec writeup.

Here is the Sybari alert.

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Mon Jan 26, 2004

Happy Blogiversary!

Ith turned two today! That's fairly old, in blog years.

Congratulations are definitely in order. (As opposed to being disorderly?)

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Mature Software

I have posted here at times about the issues of mature software and a mature market, with respect especially to Microsoft remaining competetive.

Via this week's CotC comes a superlative analysis that is far more comprehensive than anything I have ever posted here, and does a good job covering my own thinking on the matter.

Office 97 was the magnum opus. There is little reason to upgrade. Windows 95 was the last really major change in Windows that truly required an upgrade by being that good and different. However, I would make a case that Windows 2000 is the next step up from there, and at that point Win95 did become obsolete enough to replace, for stability if naught else.

Still, you can't put out release after release consisting of minor changes, or additions of features few people care about, and expect people to spend big bucks to keep your cash cow going.

If the state and future of Microsoft, and software that has become commoditized, is of interest to you, read the post.

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Oscar Jr. Solo No More

While I wasn't looking, Oscar Jr. went and got a co-blogger! Not that I would know anything about that.

There's a nice increase in posting quantity, so check it out if the previous intermittency had drifted you away.

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New Math

There is a history of math instruction up over at "Heh. Indeed." I have seen it before, but there are new additions to the end that make it even funnier.

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Carnival of the Capitalists Is Up

Winds of Change has this weeks Carnival of the Capitalists up for your reading pleasure.

As you can see by checking the CotC host list page, next week's host will be Deinonychus antirrhopus, more pronouncably known as Steve Verdon. Send entries as always to capitalists -AT-


There were a couple of entries to CotC that were lost or mangled intransit, so Joe has supplemented with an "echo" post linking those two. Specifically, they were hosts by Bill Hobbs and BusinessPundit.

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Sun Jan 25, 2004

Is It Great?

Tiger is looking for feedback on a new banner for his blog. I am most impressed. How about you?

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YAM* Alert!

Sketches of Strain has moved to nice new digs. Check it out and, of course, add SoS to the never ending list of blogroll entries needing to be changed Real Soon Now.

* Yet Another Move

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Dream A Little Dream

Before I woke up this morning with more stuffy sinuses and a developing headache, I had Yet Another Strange Dream. As best I can rememberit, which is way better than I can remember the last one:

I clandestinely introduced myself to a girl (late teens or so) who looked rather persian, though not with curly hair. We were in a "garage" type of place, which was concrete, with a floor that went down at an angle into the ground, with a new car parked there and a bunch of pillows I was placing around to sit on when she came along and we started talking.

There were a series of visits and phone calls, and we got increasingly attached, especially she to me. She wanted to throw herself at me and I resisted due to the difficulties of distance and culture and all. See, she was in Iran, except when I picture the physical location on a map in my mind, it was Italy. Thought police were rampant and I was taking a big risk even being there, which I was part of the time, and home part of the time. I did things like bring her food she couldn't get. As well as a taste of what freedom would be like.

I got there on a nuclear powered sub. Secretly, of course. Apparently I was on a mission.

Eventually she said the wrong thing to someone and we were caught before the plan to bring her out of the country came to fruition. In the end, authorities were using a thing on a long pole to do a sweep for radiation to try to catch me at something really forbidden. I was going to be under something resembling house arrest, unable to communicate or leave that country.

Another odd thing was on my trips back home, I kept finding I had left food out on the stove or counter, forgetting to put it away, so it spoiled and I had to throw it away. At the same time, I was showing someone that my fridge was running so cold that I had successfully kept a few pints of ice cream viably frozen on the top shelf of the fridge, though I decided to put it back in the freezer then so it would be more fully frozen.

Anyway, it ended with my being trapped in an unfree country, forced to be with this girl whether I liked it or not, and looking forward to possibly never being able to get out of there, and her having to follow the rules especially oppressive to adult women there.

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Next Week...

We're going to Arizona! And then we're going to New Mexico, and Texas. We're going to Lousiana, and Mississippi, and Alabama! We're going to Tennessee! And Kentucky! And then we're going to Ohio, and West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Then we're going to New York and Connecticut! And then we're taking Deb back to Massachusetts! Yeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!!!

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Can't Decide? Merely Curious?

I took a new one of those presidential selector type quizzes, which I received a link to in e-mail. I object to it not including 3rd party candidates until after the primaries, but it was still interesting. I left it on any candidate, rather than just Republican or Democrat, but I could see it being useful to compare yourself to the latter.

My results were:
Bush 100%
Lieberman 71%
Clark 57%
Dean 56%
Edwards 54%
Sharpton 52%
Kerry 50%
Kucinich 44%

Want to try it? Here is the link.

I was surprised Bush was a full 100%, as I am sure my answers didn't 100% match his preferences. I'm also surprised some of the moonbattier ones came to such a high percentage. I mean, in theory there is nothing odd about my opinions matching a dem's around 50%, yet it still feels a little odd.

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Sat Jan 24, 2004

Mmmmm... Ribs

I forget where I saw this remarks to the press item linked first, but even though it has been around a little, it is worth mentioning in case any of you missed it.

It's hysterical! The President is just having great sport with the reporters who are trying to ask him pesky questions while he is trying to order food and get them to order some as well, using it as an "economy for dummies" kind of example. Even if overly simplified.

This kind of exchange is why I am so fond of the guy. Plus, ribs are yummy! He obviously has good taste.

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Not A Dumb Post At All Jeff

Have you hugged a pet today?

Posted by: Jay Solo on Jan 24, 04 | 3:50 pm | Profile

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Fri Jan 23, 2004


Not long ago, I saw a post of Glenn's regarding Audra and the Antidote. Being a good reader, I clicked through and then downloaded a few of the sample clips of their songs. I'd have done more, but wasn't on broadband yet.

One of them has lodged itself into my head and keeps haunting me as an earworm. In a good way, as it's because it is a catchy song. That's after hearing the partial song maybe four times! The tune in question is Peter Meter.

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Rest In Peace

I watched Captain Kangaroo when I was a kid and shed a tear when I saw the news of Keeshan's death. I remember enjoying both that and Romper Room when I was very young.

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What's Your Six Pack?

Who are your first six?

It occurred to me that there are six blogs I bring up, apart from my own where I launch them of course, when I first go on. If time is limited, they might be the only ones I hit in a session. If I go back on later, I will tend to hit the same ones again disproportionate to checking others.

If you could only routinely be sure of checking six blogs in a day, which ones would your set be?

Mine are, not necessarily in this order:

There are others, primarily in the top section of my roll, that are the next, say, dozen or so, but these are where I have developed a pattern of going first and foremost.

Share away! Link your six in my comments, or in a post linked here if you are a blogger.

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Blogging Slackers

As you may know, my brilliant wife has been a blogging slacker lately, in part because she is so busy. Heck, I have been a slacker too.

So last night I was tormenting her. That almost never happens. Every other thing we talked about, I said "that would make a good post!" Heh. Of course, it is that very tendency to talk about everything between the two of us that results in less of a blogging urge. We "audio blog" to each other instead of writing so much for benefit of our humble readers.

I do expect there will be more action once the move is done and she is here, if only to share her impressions of the area and so forth. However, for now, please bear with me if I am a blogging slacker as well. You wouldn't believe how much I have to do in the next week!

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Thu Jan 22, 2004

Marriage Again - Debate That Post

I referred to this Laughing Wolf post on marriage a couple posts ago, calling it superlative.

Joe Katzman linked the same post, and is seeking feedback on it in his comments. That's cool, as the original post in question lacks comments.

Go on over, check out the meaty comments people have been leaving, and add your two bits. I did, and it may be controversial to some.

Posted by: Jay Solo on Jan 22, 04 | 3:11 pm | Profile

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Carnival of the Capitalists

Just a reminder that the next Carnival of the Capitalists will be hosted by the venerable Winds of Change. Send entries to capitalists -at- by Sunday evening to have them included.

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That Dweam Within A Dweam

Laughing Wolf has posted a superlative look at marriage, from a historical and conceptual view that cuts through much nonsense. It does not go so far as to say "why marriage at all, in this day and age" or "why should governments even be in the marriage business." However, it at least arrives at a rationally modern perspective.

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He's Got Personality

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||| 50%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||| 30%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||| 46%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||| 38%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||| 50%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Take Free Enneagram Word Test

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Wed Jan 21, 2004

Ecosystem Fun

Heh. Usually The Great and Powerful Bear corrects these little anomalies more quickly. He certainly did when I landed in the top spot due to a little experiment. Since it had been there since yesterday, I decided to check the details on the new #1 Ecosystem blog. Usually this happens to a BlogSpot blog that leaves out its subdomain and get all links to Blogspot blogs to its credit as a result. But this was not a BlogSpot blog...

Turns out the error was to give a secondary URL of "http://" and thereby have the Ecosystem register everything as a link to Operation Codemuffin.

I got a picture for posterity:


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Sanity Check

I just received the gas bill for the first month in my new apartment. This for the heat, hot water, and stove.

For twelve days of the month, I was not home and the heat was set at something like 58 degrees. Except for three days of that, when my brother, his girlfriend, and some of his kids stayed there. I figure that should no more than make up for whatever I might have used in the time I was gone, so call it an effectively "normal" month.

My customary setting is 68 when I am there and 60 when I am not. I'll crank it a few degrees more to take a shower or if I feel especially chilly. There is no washing machine there yet, and the dishwasher hasn't been used a huge amount.

The largest gas bill I ever had, last time I paid for gas for heat and hot water, was $85 in the deadest part of winter in a colder part of the state.

The bill was $161.37 and I pretty much freaked when I saw it, having expected it to be around $100.

So I ask others in my neck of the country, if you have gas heat and hot water, does this seem a bit high to you? It's a 5 room apartment on one floor. We did have some extra cold weather during that month ended January 13th, which may not have helped.

Still, I know sometimes they estimate rather than reading meters every month, so perhaps that is what's going on here. However, if they estimated that implies they have reason to believe someone would have used that amount of gas in that apartment. Still not good.

I can't wait for summer! Even if I can afford $1000 a month rent, having gas bills that size part of the year will kill me.

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I am now on Verizon DSL! Gotta love the speed. No more waiting interminably for blogs to load...

I have to applaud them for making the setup soooo brainless that anyone can do it. I could have skipped way ahead, but someone who had no clue would have had no trouble at all making it work. The only glitch at all is I clicked next too quickly the first time through and it wouldn't move on to the modem installation because it got confused as to what Flash screen it was on in showing what to do. Had to restart the setup and pace myself. It also helped to turn off the audio from the start.


I did a speed test and it came out to 1164.1 Kbps.

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Happy Birthday!

My brother Wayne, whose name you may recognize from his comments regularly posted here, is 37 today. Seems like just yesterday my mother was walking me through the woods to the bus stop, across from route 36, pushing my infant brother in a stroller. I was in first grade then.

Even though he was a pain sometimes when we were young, he's a great brother and an all around awesome guy.

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Happy Trash Day

I was going to title this "Rubbish Trash Watch, but since I am rereading Lucifer's Hammer currently, my favorite mailman came to mind. Luckily the San Joaquin Valley didn't turn into an inland sea while I was visiting Fresno...

I am glad the rubbish trash pickup here is fairly late, since I am not known as an enthusiastic early riser.

As you may recall, the guy upstairs is supposed to move all the barrels of trash from beside the garage to the street on the morning of trash day. The landlord told me simply to place mine in the barrels and the other guy would take care of the rest.

Last week, the barrels were filled to overflowing and still it all just sat there, my stuff and theirs.

So today I went out, put a newly generated bag beside the street, and removed all five previous bags, dating all the way back to my move in December 13th, to join the other beside the street.

I wasn't watching carefully and can't see from my window, but I am pretty sure they still did not move their own bags to the street. Certainly they didn't move the barrels to the street, which would have been the thing to do. Very bizarre. I guess I chalk this up to their youth. Still, since it's two girls and a guy up there, I would expect them to nag him about it if they see the trash accumulating week after week. Even if it is their first apartment ever.

Very strange.

My bags of trash did get spirited away successfully by the friendly neighborhood trash guys when they drove through the neighborhood, so no more fretting about whether some animal would rip the bags open and leave my life's detritus strewn everywhere.

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Cast Iron Politics

Ith has an intriguingly difficult question she is polling everyone on regarding the Democratic candidates. Go on over to see what she asks and put in your two bits.

On another note, she writes in praise of cast iron. As it turns out, this is what my adorable and nontempestuous bride would really love to have in her cooking arsenal. Plus, used just right, they could help keep me in line.

I have never owned cast iron. My grandmother always uses it, and my older brother swears by it. If we had registered for wedding gifts, that might well be one of the items selected.

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Tue Jan 20, 2004

Medicate Me

Today I had an appointment with the doctor, so I got to surprise him and his assistant with the news of my nuptuals. He was impressed at how happy I seemed.

Officially it was a check of the blood pressure and the obligatory, periodic followup of whatever ails me. I had to bring up a rather disconcerting side effect of Lexapro while I was at it. Since I stopped taking it for a period of ten days recently before I felt the need for it again, and that could have had specific triggers that will soon be gone, it is possible I can get along without it. If I can't, he'll put me on something that isn't the same class - meaning it may or may not be as effective - and supposedly lacks the side effect in question. So I will lay off it toward the end of the month and see how it goes...

Then there was snoring. If my wife falls asleep before me, she never hears a thing, and I appear not to do it all the time. However, she was worried one night I sounded like I could barely breathe. Sleep apnea? Not sure. The degree of snoring seemed to relate to the condition of my sinuses on any given night. Is it cure the sinuses, cure the snore? Or is it a deeper issue like my nephew had?

I can be tested for apnea if needed. I'm going to see what happens with more spousal observation first.

My sinuses have been bothersome, and I just happened to time a sinus headache in conjunction with the visit. He checked that out and gave me a sample of something called Nasarel to spray in each nostril a couple times a day to clear thing up in a week or so. Yay!

My blood pressure was okay, but up just a wee bit. My weight was up 16 pounds! Ugh. He said he'd see me in three months with lower blood pressure and a bit of weight off. Heh.

My doctor offered to take my wife as a patient if she needs a doctor after she moves, lor to recommend someone else. That was cool; I didn't even have to ask as I had planned.

I am supposed to be operating on a sick computer tonight at my sister's, but it's gotten way too late for that. Had other work that couldn't wait. Oh well. Do my nephew some good to be reminded of pre-internet times.

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Have You Seen The Memo?

Nope, I didn't get that memo either!

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Never Heard of Him

You are Jacques Lacan! Arguably the most important
psychoanalyst since Freud, you never wrote
anything down, and the only works of yours are
transcriptions of your lectures. You are
notoriously difficult to understand, but at
least you didn't talk about the penis as much
as other psychoanalysts. You died in 1981.

What 20th Century Theorist are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Via Ghost of a Flea here

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New Blog

Matt Scofield's father has started a blog of his own, called by the great name of Truth Be Told. There's little there yet, but he has a rather sad, well written first post that struck a chord with me.

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Mon Jan 19, 2004

Very Strange

My jaysolo -at- mail account is the default for the elhide domain. That means that when the hosting includes 40 e-mail accounts, it really includes 41, as the default for administration doesn't count in the number you can create yourself.

It is my custom to get e-mail from all my accounts via Outlook Express. At home I have nine POP accounts setup in OE. I also receive some at the office. I have it so if I receive the same mail both places, home is set "leave on server" and the office is set to remove from server after 5 days (or 3 or whatever). Which is neither here nor there, except to give an idea how my e-mail empire operates.

Today no jaysolo e-mail will download.

There is no error; it does an apparently normal send/receive sequence. Nothing comes off the server though. Outgoing mail from OE sends properly.

It's all there, in web mail. But wait!

I should be able to access web mail either through the Hosting Matters control panel for my domain, or through a direct URL. If all I need is the mail, the latter is more direct. Control panel requires extra clicks.

Web mail will not allow me to log on with the Jay Solo account unless I go through control panel. It refuses to recognize the user and password as it always has.

I still have to determine whether this is something this computer is doing, or something HM has changed. Has anyone else noticed this? If it's something they have changed, that'll be traumatic. I can't live with accessing that account only through the web, and worse, only the web in a roundabout way. I'll have to create a new account to be the administrator, set that as the new default e-mail account, and recreate the jaysolo account as a standard POP account.

If they did make this change, I would have to say... Why? I can't say where it would hurt anything to leave it the way it was, or be of any benefit to change it. That's why I am laying so much suspicion on my own computer. Guess we'll see...


I have determined that this is unique to, and does not afflict another domain I have hosted on HM. Curiouser and curiouser...

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Kimo Therapy

Jeff is looking for a home for a nice cat that one of his existing cats will not accept into the household. It's a sad, unfortunate story, and as Jeff makes absolutely clear, not Kimo's fault.

If you are in the region (anywhere in range of about east central Vermont) and would be interested in adopting a sweet, friendly cat, let Jeff know.

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Oooh... A Party

Rob Sama is throwing a Superbowl party, and I'd seriously consider going. However, it seems I will be in California that day.

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Carnival of the Capitalists Is Up

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up and looking good at Unpersons. Check it out!

Next week's edition will be at Winds of Change, and as usual, entries may be submitted to capitalists -at-

The complete list of future hosts can be found here.

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Sun Jan 18, 2004

Cold Beers!*

I don't "do" football, but this is still amazingly cool.

My father was sick and couldn't come down from Vermont for the game, so my stepsister flew up from Florida to use his ticket. Good for her! She's probably quite happy she did.

I actually watched the last Superbowl the Patriots were in, and enjoyed the game. Very weird. Guess I'll watch this Superbowl too. Usually I'm barely aware there is a Superbowl.

* My wife and I some time ago decided this should be the new expression to take the place of "cool beans!" Feel free to spread it around liberally. Even if you are conservative.

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Coming Soon

Accidental Verbosity

Her wish is my command. At least this time. This will be a joint blog by my stunning and brilliant wife and me.

The current plan is to leave my blog as it is and have it lie more or less dormant, and to migrate Deb's blog to a subdomain or directory on, where it will do the same.

Stay tuned...

But don't hold your breath. "Soon" is relative and we have tons else to do! The point is to confirm there will be a joint blog as some people had predicted.

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Answer A Burning Question For Jen

Jen is asking a very important question. Which Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks film is better: Sleepless In Seattle or You've Got Mail?

Of course, there is also the highly amusing Joe Versus The Volcano, but I suspect most people would place it third anyway.

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Great Panel Idea

I was more than a little amused to see this particular panel listed for today at 1:00 at Arisia:

Panel name: My Invisible Best Friend

Description: With the spread of the Internet, long-distance friendships and romances between people who've never met are becoming more common. How can you establish a connection with someone you may never touch?

Let me tell you, establishing such a strong connection is easy! Once it is established, I can't imagine not doing whatever you have to do to meet in person eventually.

Had I been there today, I might have even skipped out of the art auction today to attend it and discuss my experiences for benefit of people there. Or amusement, anyway.

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Happy Birthday Mary

Dean made me cry with this post. You should definitely grab the tissues and read it.

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Paugus Diner Poll

Chan has the first Paugus Diner Poll results up. He asked three questions of people and got some rather intriguing results.

If you are curious, he announced the new poll concept just yesterday, but you don't need to read the original post to appreciate the results.

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Some Of Us Get It

Geoffrey has made the definitive post on race, capturing pretty nicely the way I feel about it. I have friends of many flavors. The world would be a sad place if we were all uniform, or hung only with our own... cultures - a better term than races, since that is where the difference really come in. How much richer we are, from a world of cultures coming together.

Anyway, read what Geoffrey has to say on race. He gets it, and for all practical purposes speaks for me, so I don't ever have to write on the topic.

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Actual Wedding Pictures!

I find myself bursting with potential content. Yes, real posts! Not wedding stuff! Not outrageously personal stuff! (Though at least I have not been TMI Dude.) Things like space and so forth.

However, my wife is awaiting my nightly call, and I am tired. Arisia was exhilarating for my brain, but it's been a long day. Therefore, some of the wedding pictures I received this morning will have to keep you for now. These are from the actual wedding at the chapel in Vegas. They are great pictures for making me feel fat and look like I really need to shave. Evil camera, making me look bad! Heh.

Below are thumbnails, shrunken snippets of the full pictures. Click to open the full images, none of which have particularly large files sizes.

Looking fat or what

Here come da minister, soon there will be no escape!

The minister kept us amused, so it wasn't just nervous giggles...

Whew!  We didn't forget to bring the rings!

With this ring I thee wed... oops, what did I just do!?

Are we there yet?

Finish the roll of film then we're outta here...

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Sat Jan 17, 2004


Parkway Rest Stop has finally joined the BlogSplat exodus. Check out the new digs and update your links.

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Fri Jan 16, 2004

At Arisia Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am attending Arisia for the day, so you are likely to see nothing new from me, unless I pop on first thing in the morning before I leave, or late at night.

Normally I attend for the whole weekend, renting a room at the hotel. I figured this year that was the tradeoff for my trip to California. I already have a membership though. Instead of spending my usual wad of dough there, I will simply show for a day, via the subway. No buying art. Little or no buying other things. Much. I figure see the art show, poke around at the dealers, buy memberships for next year and a T-shirt if they're good ones, see the people I usually only see once a year and tell them all about my recent phase change in life, and go to whatever panels look interesting during what time I have. Since the subway goes to sleep early, Boston not being a real city, I probably won't even go to the masquerade, and certainly no parties. I'll try to round up some people I know to go out to eat while I'm there. That's always a nice treat.

Anyway, look for a lot of silence around these parts tomorrow. I'll no doubt make up for it come Sunday.

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Another Wedding Picture (Sort Of)

This is a closeup I plucked out of a higher quality, digital picture from the same day and reception as the one in the previous post. If you click the picture, you will get a large file size if you are on a slow connection graphic that is a 50% reduction of the original picture the closeup is from. The linked graphic is about 364k in size.

Deb and Jay on Jan. 5, 2004 at Mike and Esther's reception

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A Wedding Picture (Sort Of)

Some people are craving pictures, so here is one I received today. It is not from our wedding proper. It's from the reception the following Monday that was for Deb's brother and his bride, pictured on the left. Deb and I are on the right. Click the small picture for a somewhat larger version.

Mike, Esther, Deb and Jay

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New England Blogger Bash

Looks like there is a New England blogger bash on January 23rd in Providence at a place called Dave & Buster's. I will no doubt decide whether or not to go at the last minute, per usual. Depends whether anything else is up, transportation, how I feel, and whether I am in a sociable mood.

Figured I'd post this for benefit of fellow bloggers who might not see it otherwise.

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Carnival of the Capitalists Reminder

Just a reminder that the January 19th edition of Carnival of the Capitalists will be hosted by Unpersons. Generally entries are accepted into Sunday evening sometime. I usually change the e-mail address to point to the next host between 9:00 and 10:00 PM Eastern time, so that's the ultimate cutoff.

As always, send your entries to capitalists -AT- Generally you want to include the name of the blog, the URL of the blog, the URL of the post, and a brief description of the post. Pasting the entire post into your e-mail never hurts.

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Thu Jan 15, 2004

Jedi Wedding 04: A New Hope

I can't begin to say how happy I am, and how lacking in hope I was before a couple months ago. I'm married! To a beautiful woman who adores me and sees me as the most wonderful guy in the world, as much an antidote to past hurts for her as she is for me. I had reached a point where I was certain this was beyond the realm of possibility.

It all started with blogging. In a sense, it started around March or April, when I was still new and Deb first noticed and was intrigued by me. I first noticed her blog sometime after she moved to Blogmosis, as far as I can recall. The big thing I remember is she went straight from new discovery to one of my favorites immediately. Before long (on July 6, to be exact), I read her About page and commented that, alas, I was too old for her. She replied that she should have said "likes older men" there, which made me go "hmmmmm..." Indeed, I might have wondered more about "I appreciate the compliment more than you would probably suspect" had I been thinking straight. One of her concepts on her about page was the "house test." Could she bear to share a house with someone? The answer for me was yes before we ever met in person. That still astounds me she knew without meeting, but as far as we can tell, it's absolutely true. All that time together in her apartment and hotels, and hours on end in the car, left us dying to live in the same house and happy with the idea of driving across the country together.

A couple times I commented on her blog, and she e-mailed me in reply, but I was a slacker about e-mailing back. Finally, on October 3rd, in response to a funny comment I left, she e-mailed me with a subject of "fan mail," and said: "One of these days I'm going to provoke you into answering when I send you a silly little note. :)"

That got a reply from me, naturally, and could be considered the real beginning of things. Still, there was October 15th, when she appreciated that I was the only one who really seemed to "get" what she was saying - ironically - about marriage. Finally, there was the foot post on October 20th. Wow! My reaction to it was far more inexplicably visceral and intense than the comment "Ooooh, yummy feetses!" could capture. Or for that matter the "…inspiringly purty feet" comment subsequently. That to me was the big milestone.

That started some "virtual flirting." We've exchanged somewhere over 1000 e-mails since then. Our first AIM chat was 4.5 hours. Our first phone call was 8 hours, and it is seldom we have talked for less than 2 hours at a time since then. By the end of October, the plans for my visit at the end of the year were underway, and we were discussing marriage in Vegas, her moving here, and so forth. The phone thing is funny, as getting me to talk on the phone these days is like pulling teeth.

I have never been so anti-nervous with anyone in my life. It was like meeting a new best friend and simply hitting it off in a "shared brain" way. It's uncanny how we agree on most things, think of the same things at the same times or say things in unison, and can finish each other's sentences or answer each other's questions before the other one finishes asking. For instance, "Is it just me, or did they…" "Yup." *Funny look* "If you're asking did the wedding chapel people treat us extra nice, then 'yes'." We both had the impression that the wedding chapel people thought we were particularly cute and genuine, and so were especially nice to us rather than doing the rote in and out get 'em hitched thing.

Almost everything that comes up we either agree on or can live with the difference easily; usually the former. She likes my puns and jokes! Now that is compatibility.

The sense of rightness and complete lack of nervousness was amazing for me. There was no doubt or nervousness, ever. I am all about nervousness, to the point where I almost never dated because of what it does to me. Between already "knowing" each other, a little boldness by Deb, and the comfortable nature of online communications, that helped get it going. But there was more than that. It was as if we'd always known each other in lifetimes without measure.

It wasn't falling in love. It was finally discovering the whereabouts of someone we'd loved forever and saying "oh, there you are! You've been hiding on the opposite coast." Nothing like making it difficult, being separated by a continent and thirteen years.

This alacrity is not as strange as it sounds. Her parents, who are way cool, were married three weeks after they met, more than 33 years ago. I told my mother not to be surprised if there was no "real wedding" and I simply turned up married. Despite she and seemingly everyone but me having been irked at my younger brother for going to a JP and letting people know after the fact, she was totally cool with that. I learned that she and my father had done similar. Someone they knew was getting married at the Methodist church in Bryantville, so they borrowed the church and minister immediately afterward, and had just them and two friends for witnesses. I never knew that my parents didn't care for having a big wedding. That, as with most things, is something Deb and I found a remarkable degree of agreement on.

Another indicator how fast the whole thing went is by her birthday on November 5th I was more than ready to send a present. That took the form of a wireless keyboard and mouse for her laptop, so typing wouldn't hurt her. That was quite a nice surprise. I forget if it was that shipment or the next, but I also sent her a stack of print pictures. That was a big hit. After Thanksgiving, I sent another box. This one had goodies, gifts for her and her parents and, at the bottom of the box, the famous warm socks. I didn't mean it to be the most romantic thing ever. It was more a joke about her moving to my cold climate. It just shows you never know, guys, if the context it right. Of course, she was thoughtful too, surprising me touching cards and notes in the mail a number of times.

The frustrating thing was she in Fresno and I in Massachusetts. When and how would we meet? I fairly quickly noticed the confluence of holidays at the end of the year and the fact those are surrounded by slow days for my big client. We looked at flights and timing. The marriage was better taking place in 2004, a new tax year, plus it fit the Star Wars episode numbering used in the title here. We'd originally planned for her to move to Massachusetts, which she declared the ideal scenario with no persuading by me, in June or July. Ha! It didn't take long to know we'd never last all that time. Our phone bills sure wouldn't take it. During a mere three weeks of separation, we are averaging at least two hours a day on the phone, plus several e-mails.

We settled on the flight that left on Christmas and returned on the 6th because it was over $100 lower than tickets for 12/26 - 1/5 we'd originally considered. That left me minimal coverage needed at the office. So by the time a month had passed, I had the flight booked, the move planned, and had put my search for a better apartment that would become ours into high gear.

We chose 1-2-4 chosen as a wedding date because it's a neat number combination. Almost nobody on my side knew it, and one of the people I did tell freaked enough to cement my silence. It's hard to convey how certain it's the right thing I was. Deb told her family, which helped nudge her brother into planning a wedding to his girlfriend near the same time as ours.

I flew to LAX on American, then on an American Eagle flight to Fresno. At the Fresno airport, I came walking down the hall, saw her, grinned (as Deb put it, "I know you!"), made a beeline in her direction, shared a perfect hug and off we went. If there was any uncertainty at all, the moment we met in person ended it. We've had a wonderful week or so together, some of which I have posted about here. That included going to Monterey to meet Ith and Nin, which we highly recommend. They are amazingly cool people.

What Deb said about the relationship is exactly right. She's my best friend, soulmate, lover, missing piece of the incomplete puzzle that is me. I feel lucky and amazed every day.

The wedding day itself was funny. We drove for 7 hours to get to Vegas, after getting our usual early start. Traffic sucked big time in places, if not nearly so much as it did for people heading the other way. The Strip is a sight to behold. Now that I have, there'll be no particular need ever to return there again. Then again, the hotel is awfully nice, and the view from our window was wonderful.

I always say if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. We seem to do a lot of that. After looking at rings online for weeks, including unique titanium ones, we ended up at a jewlery store, Rogers, in a mall, just before closing the night before the wedding. We got matching, white gold bands that are nothing fancy, but are still gorgeous. Even if they do scratch easily. She didn't want a diamond. Just as well, given my budget. Mine is wider than hers, as befits my size, and mine is 12 1/2 to her 6, but color and style match perfectly, just as we do. Despite the last minute, we had a perfect experience buying them. We both liked the sales guy so much of course we weren't going to check any other stores. He was funny, personable, and treated us just the same as a customer making a fancy purchase worth thousands. Plus he was cute, or so she tells me. To avoid forgetting them, they got packed in the laptop bag. Thus they'd either get here with us, or we'd be even more seriously bumming.

After arriving in Vegas, we checked into the hotel and resisted the urge to collapse. Drove down the strip attempting to find Third Street at the opposite end. Managed to get confused after bearing left onto Fourth, but found Third anyway, and finally the marriage bureau for our license. Busy place! Luckily we beat the huge line.

If you ever do this, beware. Outside the marriage bureau lurk a pack of saleswolves on the sidewalk, accosting couples as they go into and out of the building to get their licenses. They represent some of the various local wedding chapels, and thrust their offers at you mercilesssly. Pick me! Pick me! We had planned simply to go to the nearby courthouse and get a civil marriage, rather than do a chapel.

The smart saleswolf got us on the other side of the road from the main pack, as we got out of Deb's truck. He was a great guy, personable, well presented, not pushy in a subtle way that set him apart, and his chapel was closest. We managed to get past them on the way in for the license, but man, they tore into our susceptible flesh when we walked out with the marriage license. I have about five info packets with offers I kept for posterity. It was a riot.

We ended up going with the original one, Vegas Wedding Chapel, which was as good a deal and nice a place as any. We gave the minister $50 instead of the recommended $15 - $30 because he was so great. We either hit a real nerve with them, or they do their jobs well there. They thought the way we met was cool.

I managed to start crying during the ceremony, while Deb stayed stoic. I seem to keep getting all emotional and doing that. Then there's all the giggling we both did! There may or may not be any pictures. One of the guys takes a roll and sends the film off with you. Unless you pay a huge amount extra for digital. One service they provide that's great is to get you your official marriage certificate in about a week, rather than waiting up to four months for it. Things like that add to the cost, so be aware you will inevitably not spend the low, base amount the chapel you use officially offers. You could, but it's unlikely, and it is their job to make money by selling other services and goods. The certificate is worth it, as Deb has to use it to change her name on things in this few weeks before moving. As much as possible, anyway.

We had no idea at the time that Britney Spears was in Vegas, several hours behind us in her joke wedding publicity fling. No, it was not the same chapel. No, we didn't see her. It does add a funny dimension to our own timing and story for posterity.

I already wrote of our first meal after we married, which was a variety of items from Nathan's Famous on the food court of the Luxor, followed by ice cream. Mmmm… ice cream! Rather amusing first meal, but it was late and we were there for getting married, no frills, no other reason to be in Vegas. Besides playing the ring toss at Circus Circus, of course. We have both been duly yelled at by people we know at work for failing to take in the more costly culinary delights of the city. Heh.

We had a wonderful drive back to Fresno, with a scenic detour to Utah for lunch. On Monday the 5th her brother married a wonderful woman in a courthouse ceremony. It ended up being less simple than planned. While they married, Deb and I picked up their cake, took it to her grandmother's, and helped setup for the reception there. It was fun, meeting the extended in-laws and getting to know Deb's grandmother. It felt a little like having our own reception, but with the focus neatly on someone else. There might be pictures of us from that day, eventually. Deb's other brother's girlfriend, who is perfect and should not be allowed to escape, is into photography. Other people took many pictures too, including of us. Naturally I forgot my camera.

The next day I had to leave. That was unbelievably difficult! I surprised Deb by calling her after I landed in LAX. She wouldn't have expected to hear from me until the next day, or maybe late that night, except e-mail updates from my phone. It's the little things sometimes guys.

That's the basic story. It arose from our blogging and being on the same wavelength on most things. It arose from Deb being just assertive enough with her nagging interest in me to get my attention and then ramp it up to self-sustaining levels.

I find myself having to explain what a blog is over and over when telling people how we met online, when I don't simply leave it at "we met online because we both run fairly popular web sites, read each other and started talking." Meeting online is right on the threshhold of being considered completely normal rather than odd. The reaction still depends on the person hearing the news, but most people think about how you can really learn plenty about each other ahead of time this way, and go in more certain. It also meant, for us, falling in love with an amazing mind and intriguing personality to such a degree that looks wouldn't have mattered. Not that I mind being considered "cute" or "handsome," and not that I mind her being beautiful, almost pixy-like when her glasses are off, but we were predisposed toward each other regardless.

I highly recommend meeting people online. I recommend being open to meeting people through blogging, if you are a single blogger. Who knows, you could meet the love of your life.

It really works!

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Don't You Hate It When...

You have something absolutely fascinating to blog about, and have a post have composed in your mind, but you save it for tomorrow (or later) and when the time comes, have absolutely no clue what you wanted to say? It's awful!

In the meantime, I can't think of anything interesting or clever, so this will have to suffice for now. Much as I'd rather not go outside because it is Too Damn Cold, there's too much to do today either to stay in or to sit and blog as I would prefer. Stay tuned... Perhaps it will come back to me before the day is out.

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Wed Jan 14, 2004

Trashy Communication

I can see things are going to be interesting in my new place. Either someone is not on the same page as the rest of us, or forgets, or isn't up in time. That last is unlikely, since it was almost noon by the time they came.

Wednesday is rubbish day in my town. The landlord has some good sized barrels out behind the garage, three or four paces from the street. My instructions were to place my rubbish in the barrels, then on Wednesday morning the guy upstairs would put the barrels over by the street. He is helping around the place for a discount on rent. That's how we get a tiny little path kinda sorta shoveled to the driveway as long as there are like over 4 inches of snow; enough to justify it. Speaking of which, I need to buy some salt and maybe even sand or kitty litter to use on the accumulated ice that has made me use great care on the steps and walk on the lawn instead of path.

My brother was in my apartment while I was away and he put out a bag of accumulated trash at the appropriate time. I could see from my window that it was so, because said trash was still there and had not in fact been picked up by the trash guys last week.

What I couldn't see, until I took a couple more big bags out last night, is that the barrels were all full from the rubbish from the other apartment too. There was room on one to stuff one of my bags on top. The other bag I set on top, held up against the garage.

It's all still there. The rubbish pickup came and went. Ours never made it to the side of the road per the procedure my landlord told me would happen. Very odd.

I am wondering if the guy upstairs knows that he has been designated for that task. Then again, he was there before me and must know that the rubbish goes to the side of the road on Wednesday, or it accumulates and tempts the local critters.

I suspect I am going to have to take my rubbish directly to the side of the road on Wednesday mornings in order for it to be picked up. That's fine. But if that's how it's going to be, they should not have informed me otherwise.

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Write On

I love to write! Like Gennie, I used to hate being put on the spot for an essay on this or that, some format, some length, written to please the instructor. It's so much easier being freeform about it.

However, it can result in some interesting writing experience when you buckle down and do it. More than format and length, I always found myself freezing up and resenting it if I was completely uninspired by the topic. I'd hate doing a ten page essay - 10 pages! - on myself, then having to - ugh! - read it to the rest of the class. It's not even enough consolation to remember that the whole class is being subjected to the same thing and most of them are likely just as uncomfortable with it.

Hang in there Gennie!

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Ith Is Making Sense Again

Ith is absolutely right. There is more to a presence in space than science. I wouldn't be surprised if that is the ultimate driver of Bush's apparent conversion to pro-space. He's all about security.

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Antiques Blogshow

This may sound completely goofy and off the wall, but here goes anyway.

I have this little vase I inherited, which I just love the look of, that I have always wondered about in terms of whether it's just some random vase, or an item of value. It hardly matters, as I like it because it's purty. Yet I remain curious. So what the hell, why not toss it up here and see if anyone knows anything, right? Kind of like Antiques Roadshow via blog.

Below is a small picture of it inline, followed by links to the same picture, larger, and several other pictures from different angles. That includes the mark on the bottom, which appears to be a laurel wreath with an M in the middle, the words "Hand Painted" wrapped along the top, and "Nippon" wrapped along the bottom.

Small, cropped picture of front of vase

Same picture as above, uncropped and larger
Side view
Slight angle toward top and back
Closeup of front
Closeup of bottom
Whole bottom
Closer shot of side
Even closer shot of boat scene on front

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Tue Jan 13, 2004


I just ordered DSL for our apartment, so Deb and I will not have to fight over or suffer with a dialup connection. This will be my first experience with home broadband.

The plan is to setup a wireless network and put the three or four computers on it, all with access to the internet. I say three or four because well have my current machine, Deb's laptop, my old machine I can still use if desired (I'd like it networked to have access to all the old files on it), and the machine Deb will build herself so she'll have one better than the laptop (and than mine, until I finally decide I have to keep up with the geekses again).

ETA is the 21st, my brother's birthday, for me to have the DSL up and running. Yay!

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Question of the Week: Don't Know Much About History

After an extended absence, here it is, the good old "question of the week" feature! Haphazard though it may be, I kind of like the naming convention, and it is always good fodder for thought. Even if there are a paucity of comments generated.

What would you do to improve history education in the United States?

I guess by that I mean civics education as well, since the idea is people have gotten such a lame education in the roots of this country; its history and the intended role and function of government, that there is potential danger looming.

How to change this? Comments are your friend; have your say...

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In Good Company

Woohoo! Shell and Lionel are following in Deb and my footsteps as bloggers getting married to each other.

It really is and easy decision.

Congratulations guys!

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Mmmm... Cookies

Hey, kids! Do you know what time it is?!

It's Girl Scout Cookie time!

Last year I bought something like 17 boxes of the addictive things from a couple different people, mainly the office manager of my big client, who sells them on behalf of her daughter. Amazingly enough, I still have a box of thin mints left in my stash.

Not so the peanut butter sandwiches. Those are my downfall. Couldn't get enough of those last year and devoured them all within a few months of purchse. Most within days.

Then there are Caramel Delites, which Deb likes. I don't ordinarily buy those because I inhale them fastest of all. Case in point, I just got a package for her and one for me. My package is gone, not an hour after I bought it. Yum! Oh wait...

Evil, addictive, bad cookies. It is their fault I can't control myself and I eat too many, which is bad for me, so therefore someone must pay. I mean, how dare they make me lose control of my urges like that! How dare they force me to stuff my face with an entire box of cookies at a time! It must be their fault I weigh more than I should.

Yup. No two ways about it; they need to pay and be made to stop the cookie madness before it kills us all. Anybody seen a lawyer around here?

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Always Something

Heh. My van has issues that may mean a sticking thermostat, a bad thermostat, or head gaskets. It's in the parking lot at work pending doing something about it, and I am driving my spare car, the Sentra.

Turns out the Sentra sat right through the expiration of its sticker, so it needs an inspection. I finally stopped being sick enough to be overwhelmed by the desire to just stay home, so today I drove it to my customary inspection garage, around the corner from the office.

An older guy I didn't recognize walked up to me inquisitively as I got out of the car. I told him I was looking to get inspected. He said tomorrow; they'd be back tomorrow. The father had died. Well, of course I had no idea, but then it made sense that the entire place seemed to be populated by older gentlemen pumping gas and hanging out. I figure maybe friends of the owner's father, pitching in to let them have time off without shutting down completely, as they are a popular gas vendor.

So I said "it's expired, by nobody'll notice. I'll come back."

The funny thing is, it's like nobody will notice. My mother drove my Sentra for several months with an expired sticker before my cousin pointed it out. Indeed, I had taken it to the shop, had them do some stuff "and put on a sticker." I picked it up, paid them and left, never realizing they hadn't put on a new inspection sticker. So when my mother told me what my cousin had discovered, I declared him to be full of shit, until I saw for myself.

On another note... damn I love this car! Zipping along with a standard shift today made me sad that I plan to give it up when the insurance expires in April. The registration expires in June, so all in all good timing. I figured I have a niece turning 16 in July and a nephew in September, so perhaps one of them can take it off my hands as a rickety first car.

But damn... standard shift rules! Deb's truck and my van are both automatics, which are just not the same.

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Scrabble Is Cool

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 35.
What is your score? Get it here.

Via Mickey here

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T-t-talkin' Bout Two Generations

Rob Sama has a superlative post that appears to start off as a standard Kerry-bashing, then goes into the problems of supporting the baby boomers and the issues confronting younger people. All things Kerry and his ilk could talk about, but don't seem to.

Read it all.

This is going to become an urgent issue.

The potential for a rift between generations, and I don't mean a mere "generation gap," is very real.

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Mon Jan 12, 2004

It's Nice To Be Noticed

Oooh... looks like I have joined the selected ranks of the blogroll of Heh. Indeed. so now this one cannot feel inordinately proud of herself compared to me. As my cousin would say, don't get cocky kid.

But... Han Duo's Silence? That's just too funny! Then again, my cousin Han and I do make a good team, if not a quiet one.

Anywho, I am happy to see someone liked and linked my post about the size of Iraq and finding WMD. After all, I even made it pictorial! And gave each picture funny alt text to popup when your mouse hovers over it!

Well, ya know, I thought it was cool. Hmmph.

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Rah Rah Ith Boom Bah

Have you been sure to visit this lovely blogger early and often? She has even posted again! Only about 1700 to go to make 50,000 before her 2nd blogiversary. That doesn't even require an instalanche to make the target! Only your ongoing support and links.

If she wanted to really grease the process, she'd award another Silver Snickerdoodle of Excellence. I wonder... can I win twice? Well, anyway... that kind of thing might get some extra attention, especially if awarded to the right optimally marketable victim deserving candidate.

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I Know From Soulmates

The first paragraph had me. Then I got to the second and realized what was going on. Heh. This is what happens when you hand out the keys!

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Space: The Apathy Frontier

Even though I believe more focus ought to be on doing space things privately, and if anything simply what the government can do to boost that and/or get out of the way completely, I agree this is dreadful news.

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You keep saying those things. I do not think reality is what you think it is.

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Mmmmm... Donuts (Public Service Announcement)

If you are ever passing through Los Banos, California, as Deb and I did on the way to and from Monterey, stop at Donut Nation. They have amazingly superlative donuts and friendly service, and I can vouch for their apple fritters being heavenly. I would gladly go out of my way - within reason - to get more!

They are a modest, unlikely looking place on the main drag. They've apparently been there forever. Deb had never tried them before, to her regret.

This page has their exact address.

After we stopped there on the way to Monterey, we made a point to stop on the way back to Fresno, and were eevn nice enough to bring a whole box back for her family.

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When is this guy going to migrate off BlogSplat? It is not worthy of his blog.

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Another Refugee

The Wise Man Says is now Blogged & Dangerous. Woohoo! Another blogger graduates from Blogsplat.

Looks like Maripat must have helped out, as it's a subdomain of Right We Are's domain. Go Maripat!

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Running Things Right

I don't "do" sports, but this article makes excellent sense from a managerial standpoint. Teams can be intriguing as studies of how to run a business - or not. Sounds like the Patriots are doing everything right in that regard.

Via Maddy here

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Weapons of Mass Obfuscation

As we rode the interminable six hours from Fresno to the Nevada border, we pondered weapons of mass destruction. You see, that covered very little of California, which is roughly the size of Iraq, and yet the notion of finding evidence of a secret WMD program in that area alone was daunting.

Perhaps people who are not from California don't grasp just how large the state is, and how hard finding something not intended to be found would be in an area that size.

Perhaps there is a secret underground facility right under an innocent looking hill...
Innocent hill hides WMD facility!

Perhaps that's it! A suspicious looking building, off by itself in the barren wilds of nowhere...
Probably a WMD facility almost in plain sight!

I know! Maybe this airplane storage facility secretly doubles as a storage area for WMD, with the planes there as a convenient delivery method. Plus terrorists could train with them! Or perhaps they are awaiting burial in the desert, a known good hiding place for planes...
A bird! A plane! A WMD facility?

The desert is a great place for hiding things, at least if you go underground. For all we know there could be a WMD facility right here under the Mojave's innocent looking surface. Or even a place for research on alien remains and UFO technology! Hey, you never know...
Lots of room for WMDs and aliens underground!

Talk about hiding in plain sight! Here's a probable WMD compound hidden under this hill, disguised as an alternative power project - which conveniently powers the nefarious activities without drawing suspicious wattage from the grid. The power is sucked down before it feeds into the grid, so nobody knows it's missing. What a great scheme! This is probably the home of a fine uranium processing plant, at least...
Breezing by a secret uranium processing facility!

There you have it. WMD facilities could be anywhere and everywhere, much as a pebble in the desert or a needle in a haystack or whatever. Iraq and California are big places. You might go there to "find yourself," or find a spouse, but don't expect an easy time finding secrets.

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Received In E-mail...

For all those men who say, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk
for free."

Here's an update for you. Nowadays 80% of women are against


Because women realize its not worth buying an entire Pig, just to get
a little sausage.

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Hello Mars My Old Friend

We've come to visit you again. With a lander softly creeping, we want to know if you are sleeping. And the visions that were beamed back here to Earth, are truly worth it, but why the sound, of silence?

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January 12 Carnival of the Capitalists Is Up

Jeremy Wright of Ensight did an excellent job putting together this week's Carnival of the Capitalists. Lots of good stuff there. Check it out!

Send entries for next week to capitalists -AT-, and look for it at Unpersons a week from now.

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I Think I'm In Love

Oh wait. Of course I am! The best part: "if we allow ourselves to be destroyed, then who will the rest of the world have left to blame everything on?"


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Sun Jan 11, 2004

Economy Indeed

We observed this in California, in Nevada, about everywhere we went. It was uncanny, the massive evidence of just how awful the economy is.

Periodically we would comment back and forth. Nowhere to park again, that damn economy! Look at these crowds of people out at hotels, restaurants, stores and casinos. We wouldn't be tripping over so many people if the economy weren't so bad. Lines and traffic and crowds everywhere. People vacationing, driving the economy further into the doldrums.

It's just a terrible thing to behold. Makes you wish the economy would improve again, so parking wouldn't be as tight and people wouldn't be running you down in stores and other spending venues. You should have seen how hard it was to get a table at the cafe in Borders! All those poor, broke people were just flocking there, getting in our way. Sheesh.

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The Art Of Goofy Quizzes

You are Sculpture.
While Photography is expert at recording reality,
your strength is the ability to recreate it.
You are physical, and often direct. You get
along well with Painting and Dance.

What form of art are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Via Lawren here

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Fuzzy Division

I have changed capitalists -at- to go to Stephen Hodgson at Unpersons, next week's host for Carnival of the Capitalists.

Jeremy at Ensight will have this week's edition up later tonight or in the morning. Here's hoping DNS issues don't complicate things...

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It's Nice Being Well Tooled For The Job

Having been discussing kitchen stuff with the lovely bride today, and having been trying to clean and organize the kitchen and elsewhere while I have felt coherently well enough, I found Laughing Wolf's post on the right tools for the job in the kitchen to be an interesting read.

One thing the wife would like to get, which neither of us have yet, is cast iron. I'm curious how others feel about the stuff. Comment away! My brother Gary swears by the stuff, and it's heavily used by my grandmother for the same reason. I've always just used non-stick pans, for the most part, and a few regular pans like my steamer. It always struck me that the seasoning process for cast iron was too much work. People have told me it's worth it, and not as bad as my impression.

Anyway, good post by LW, so go check it out.

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The Ultimate Frontier

Stryker makes the case for space more eloquently than I have yet to succeed in doing, at least in a public forum. You should go read it, whether you are a believer or not, as he addresses us all. Here is a snippet to entice you:

We have to go to space because it will ensure the survival of our species and it will bring forth great things that we can only begin to comprehend. New technologies, new riches, new wealth, new philosophies and new social systems that will benefit all of humanity. Sure, the driving forces behind our initial forays into the Solar System will be the aquisition of new resources and scientific inquiry, but the unintended consequences of all those decisions will be the genesis of things we can't even begin to imagine.

This isn't anything you haven't been told before, yet fear and doubt continue to hold sway over your petty minds. Yes, I'm talking to you, now; the ones who know only "can't" or "shouldn't". Space is closed to you, just as America was closed to those preferring the familiarity and status quo of their oppressive lands over the promise of better lives. You will not inherit the Universe, only your chosen tomb of Earth. The curious, the courageous and the bold will lead the way Out There, and those who follow in their wake will build the future. Since Space is closed to you, the doubter, you are irrelevant to the discussion. You are the voice of a dying past. You'll never realize that there will always be another war to fight, more hungry to feed, more houses to build and a myriad of other problems that will never go away. No matter. It's your tomb, so make the best of it. Don't be alarmed if those choosing the future pay no heed to your exhalations of fear and doubt. The living pay no need to the dead.

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"Keep Breathing"

Alfred Pugh, the last known combat-wounded World War I veteran, has died. Read the whole story at The Patriette.

Via Dean here

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Forgotten Mammal No More

Just a quick reminder to visit this fantastic, much underrated blogger in honor of her pending second blogiversary. Let's get her to 50,000 by then, shall we? What are you waiting for, go!

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In The Zone

I just realized this morning, as I awoke and stumbled out of bed attempting to see straight and breath unobstructed, I hit a milestone on my recent vacation. I mean, besides the little detail of getting myself a fine wife.

In our travels, I entered the Mountain time zone. That means I have been to every time zone from the Atlantic zone - the Canadian Maritimes some of my roots are in - to the Pacific zone, where I found my future. I was in the Central time zone when I visited my cousin in Galveston almost 16 years ago.

Speaking of Canada, my bride requested some time ago that I take her to Canada. While we no doubt will hit Quebec when we visit my father in Vermont, I mean to take her to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia sometime, so she too will have the Atlantic zone under her belt. We both collect states and other "been to" types of things. Since she's a maritime and Navy sort of gal, I have to take her to the shipbuilding museum at Green Park on P.E.I. My first Ellis ancestor in the new world came from Biddeford, England in 1807 and started shipbuilding in the area of Green Park. The museum is devoted primarily to the guy who took his business, and to him and other Ellis shipbuilders in subsequent generations. It's pretty cool. But I digress.

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Awake! Your Work Is Yet Unfinished...

In case you hadn't yet gotten the word, Bill Whittle has a new essay up today. It's short! Yet I find myself in full agreement with the point he makes, which is something I have discussed with people myself.

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Sat Jan 10, 2004

Mastering Salad

Juliette has rather definite notions on what makes a good salad. And so it was that when I made myself a salad a little while ago, I couldn't stop thinking of her, and how my recipe of the moment would look to her.

I happen to like iceberg, but I do think romaine is the better lettuce and should at least be mixed when possible (but it's weird to have romaine on sandwiches). I never developed a taste for some of the leafiest, least crispy lettuces like bibb or boston or whatever. I know I have had them in salads, along with many exotic greens, and have liked them that way. A salad full of mystery greens and a variety of flavors is cool.

My biggest problem with salads is not throwing away most of the ingredients when I can't use it all before it spoils. Plus I tend to make a big production of it, so it's not exactly the fastest, easiest meal, and I am all about lazy food prep for one. Or even for two now, but at least cooking for two is more fun and all.

Anyway, there is a glaring omission in Juliette's ingredient list, much as I salute her use of carrots. It's not a real salad without carrots! Where's the broccoli? Sheesh. While I can live without it, I love salads with raw broccoli. With iceberg lettuce, it adds a lot of "green" without going into purchasing exotic leafy stuff. If I don't use it all in salad, I can throw in in my steamer and have it with butter and pepper. Or maybe some cheese. Yum! My amazing bride and I agree on most everything, to an uncanny degree, but she doesn't care much for broccoli. More for me!

My salad included the icky iceberg lettuce, brocolli, carrots, tomato - alas, regular ones that double for sandwich fixings (tuna, chicken, grilled cheese and tomato...), not cherry ones I enjoy at salad bars - a little onion that was leftover in the fridge, and some cheddar cheese. I topped it with bleu cheese dressing and it was amazingly good. Despite the bleu cheese being far from the best I have had. I need to figure out which brand of that is good, as it's my favorite dressing flavor.

I can take or leave cukes, and usually if I buy them they end up a soggy, putrid mess in the fridge before I chuck them unused.

I have been known to use standard bell peppers of various colors, but not as a regular thing. At salad bars, I love pepperoncinis. I've never indulged at home. I don't care about radishes or olives, but if they are in a salad prepared for me, I'll eat them. I like bacon bits but don't make a habit of them. I don't bother with croutons. Sometimes I will use boiled egg, tuna or chicken in a salad. And always cheese if I am making it; either cheddar or feta. Shredded purple cabbage is good too. Once in a while, I buy a little bag of it for salads.

I love eating salad made by someone else. You get a taste of how someone else does it, and it's hard to make a salad be truly awful unless the dressing is crud or the ingredients are spoiled. Most sit down restaurants have obligatory salads that are uninspired, but edible. It's always nice to find the exceptions.

I wasn't sure I would be that into eating, with the way I feel, but the salad hit the spot and actually made me feel better having eaten it. Delicious! I made a big bowl and ate a serving, about 1/3, saving the rest for later. Probably I would never have bothered had my brother not left an unused head of lettuce and half an onion in my fridge.

How do people feel about those premade salads in bags you can get at the store? Or at least, core ingredients you can embellish, if you're me. I have bought them sometimes, but they never seem quite as good as making my own from scratch. It's just they're so damn convenient.

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I am sick. It's a terrible thing. What's worse, it's hard to pinpoint and name, you know? It's like I want to sleep a lot, and can't stay warm, and have stuffy sinuses and dry throat, but mostly it's just blah. Off and on there's a stomach issue, feeling like I have cramps. Currently there's a headache.

I took one Sudafed, which seems to have helped slightly, if not much more than the couple of ibuprofen would have alone. I sucked on a N'Ice, which seems to have helped the throat more than mere water alone was doing.

I feel like going back to bed and expanding upon my 11 hours of sleep, or curling up under heavy covers in the living room watching a movie with my eyes barely open - and not caring much if they close, as there's always rewind and watch the part missed again.

This totally sucks because I feel like I have soooo much to do! Next weekend is Arisia, which I will probably go to on Saturday only and spend no money to speak of at this year, after the big trip. The apartment still needs a ton of work.

I keep running into things like this: I decided some music would be nice. My headset wasn't at known coordinates and my speakers weren't plugged in at all yet. So I plugged the speaker power cord in, and the satellite speakers to the subwoofer unit. Ah, but where is the cord that goes from the subwoofer to the computer...? Absolutely no clue! I will have to search for it. I didn't feel like going to that much trouble.

I feel just lousy enough that it seems every time I look around and think I ought to attack some aspect of organizing the apartment and making room for Deb, it feels too overwhelming to bother with just yet. Despite my love of the last minute, I'd so like to get things done sooner for once.


* This post is dedicated to my delightful wife, who wants me to stop saying "blargh." Heh.

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School Daze Indeed

Gennie reports most amusingly on here first day of college. When it comes to classes that require great writing skills, she's sure to ace them.

I hated algebra too. One of my calculus professors pointed out that the only thing algebra is really useful for is calculus, and that it would all make more sense if students were taught the two things together. That made sense to me.

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Suicidal Politics

Slings and Arrows has an excellent post (if not an outrageously fortunate* one), on just what Howard Dean means to the Democrats, and why the general election will be such a landslide against Dean, while the primaries will be a landslide for Dean.

This link post that includes the most important info from the link is fascinating too. Not surprising though.

* Sorry, couldn't resist. Had to be done.

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Fri Jan 09, 2004


I just noticed that the next comment here will be my 2000th since I moved off BlogSplat.

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Personal Ad

SWFB* seeks anyone and everyone to visit themselves upon her so she may reach her 50,000th notch by January 26.

Tall, blonde and beautiful, this mature blogger offers intelligence, wit, and a keen appreciation of all things LotR. She enjoys sipping absinthe by a warm fire, Mexican food, cookies of all kinds, travel, Pacific beaches, chilly fog banks, and pool opponents she can whip.

In a positive sign, her tarot card is The Lovers.

In a less positive sign, it seems she hallucinates.

Her questions can be out of this world.

You can confess anything and your secret is safe with her. And her readers.

She enjoys reporting on the world of leather bras.

She is supportive of new bloggers.

She's not easily surprised.

It appears she is a de facto muslim.

Finally, she love presents, so why not coat her with the gift of Chicago-style** visits? Help a superlative yet self-effacing blogger make 50,000 by her 2nd blogiversary.

* Single White Female Blogger
** Early and Often

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The Obligatory Reminder

Just an end of the week reminder that Ensight will be hosting this week's edition of Carnival of the Capitalists.

This is an excellent blog anyway, so you all should check it out. However, if you'd like to submit a post for the next CotC, e-mail it as usual to capitalists -at- and it will get to Jeremy. Generally, the cutoff is sometime Sunday evening. I typically switch the mailing alias to the next host between 9:00 and 11:00 PM eastern time, so that's the ultimate deadline.

Also, thanks again to Jeremy for stepping in and moving from the May 10 slot to the January 12 slot on short notice! And to the other folks who volunteered to fill in!

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Thu Jan 08, 2004

Well That Sucks

My car has something wrong, which I diagnosed as probably the thermostat before calling and confirming with my father that's most likely given the symptoms. Possibly there's more to it, but that's a good place to start.

Sheesh. I hate cars.

Oh well, I'll see about getting it checked and to be safe I'll drive the other one home tonight. This is why I have a spare car, after all.

What it's doing is the temperature gage goes all the way up within a couple or three miles of leaving the house. There's no heat. Then at random times the temperature gage drops to a normal level for a moment, then shoots back up again.

There is no steam, no apparent leakage or hose problems, and plenty of fluid.

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Mmmm... Food

Apparently it's a running joke in my wife's family that she can't cook. However, it's closer to the truth to say she can, but is not in the habit of doing so. She's actually excited about it now, which I understand; cooking for one sucks.

Not that it would matter if her ability in the kitchen were minimal. I also can cook well when I want to, and am lazy about it for myself alone. Since I tend to invent recipes or modify freely, it could be interesting subjecting someone else to my less positive experiments. It's usually edible, at least. Fending for ourselves in the kitchen is something we all learned as kids.

Which brings me to the point of this post, our meals together.

The morning after I arrived in Fresno, making December 26th a lucky rather than unlucky day for me (see item nine), Deb made what she called "eggy cheesy mess" for breakfast, using leftover Christmas dinner ham from her mother in scrambled eggs and cheese. It was fantastic! Not sure how I could have enjoyed something so simple so much.

Perhaps it was the company.

Partway through eating, I suddenly observed "this is our first meal together!" That was so cool. I seem to recall that our last meal together of my trip there was the same thing again. Yum.

Ah, but then there is our first meal as a married couple. That is truly funny.

It was late at night by the time we hit Vegas, checked in, found the marriage bureau, braved the sales sharks, got hitched at Vegas Wedding Chapel, played ring toss and generally wandered around at Circus Circus, and collapsed back into our room, still needing supper.

We found there was a food court in our hotel, so we went down to check it out. It had a McDonald's, which would have been the default choice. It had a pizza place, but we didn't feel like pizza again. We'd had excellent pizza delivered the night before, and I had finished it for breakfast in the truck as we headed off to Vegas.

I saw a Nathan's Famous, which I had never been to before, peered at the menu board briefly, and suggested that over McD's. She like the idea.

We ended up splitting four finger food/appetizer items, rather than getting something like subs or hot dogs. We had chicken fingers, cheese fries, onion rings, and mini dogs. It was all yummy, but the mini dogs (corn dogs, I guess, which I had never had before) were heavenly. If we see a Nathan's again, we will get those.

Shortly into the meal, I laughed and noted this was our first meal together as a married couple, and what a different one it was. Which we joked made a good story for blogging, of course.

We ate our share of fast food while I was there; more than even I might normally eat. We went out to Applebee's one night, courtesy in part of a gift card someone had given us. We had a couple dinners made by her mom, who is a wonderful cook. We had Mexican with Ith and Nin, as I mentioned. And there was Jack In The Box!

When I was a kid, we had some Jack In The Boxes in the Brockton area. Not sure what happened, but they are long gone. That was the first place I ever had tacos.

One night Deb had me drive over to the nearby Jack In The Box and recommended the ultimate cheeseburger. So I ordered that for me, plus the two tacos for 99¢ to see if they tasted as I remembered. They haven't changed! Which means they are good, but I like Taco Bell's far better. That burger, on the other hand, made me wish for a Jack In The Box near home. Wow! Good, pleasant service there too. So it was we had it again on the road to Vegas.

We both want to trim a bit and limit the fast food, but it's nice being married to someone who likes fast food, and appreciates the merits of the industry.

The other home meal we had, besides blueberry bagels and cream cheese, was tortellini with a garlic alfredo sauce. That was fantastic! I told her how my stepmother's late mother, an amazing woman, used to make homemade tortellini entirely from scratch, with a pork filling. I never cared that much for it, which we figured out was because I apparently am not that fond of the flavor of parmesan cheese. Not as the primary flavor component, anyway. My stepsisters loved my lack of interest, as it left more for them.

It was years before I realized that it was tortellini that Rose was making for the family. They all called it "tootalings." Or maybe it sounded more like "toodalings."

Anyway, I have to drag myself away from this computer and make an effort to be productive. That's enough rambly posting for now. Stay tuned and maybe I'll talk about what Deb and I observed about the deplorable state of the economy in our travels, or about our fun outside the marriage bureau and at the chapel.

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Various Notes

I have updated the About page to reflect recent changes in my life.

I have updated the 111 Things About Me page to reflect my being married and planning to have kids, in the place where it was most needed. Still need to review the whole thing to be sure; maybe revise it completely.

I have learned that the missing host for CotC was Josh Cohen, of, so I am about to add him as the host for May 17th.

I am impressed that this post, from the day before our wedding, got so many links and comments. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes. I still don't have my planned "we did it, and here's the whole story" post yet, if I ever bother. That was partly to tie everything up in one place, and partly intended as Instabait. Heh.

I will update the template, which contains all my blogroll links, soon. Really!

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Carnival of the Capitalists Updates Etc.

I have finally updated the Carnival of the Capitalists hosts and info page and, in conjunction with that, the Previous CotC locations page.

Because the more recent hosts got shorted, I left a few on the main CotC page with the links updated to point directly to their iteration of CotC, in addition to adding them to the past hosts page.

I updated to show that Ensight is this week's host, rather than Dean as originally planned. The usual address applies, regardless. Get your entries in to capitalists -at-, and to answer a question that recently came up, you are allowed to nominate a post not your own on someone's blog. The host may choose to use it or not, but such entries are allowed and are likely to be used if they are topical.

The host for January 19th will be Unpersons, which is a suitable reminder that CotC is international in scope and invites entries from anywhere (long as they're in English), on business and economic topics from anywhere.

Next... I need to update my "about" pages. After all, I can no longer say I am single, and I no longer reside in Quincy. I have to review the 111 Things page too, as I suspect that also needs updating. But not tonight! I need to get offline and call my wife before it gets too late.

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Business Blogging and... Blogger Marriage?

I wanted to point out an excellent post on building business relationships with blogs, which impressively ties in my blogger marriage to make the point.

This would be a nice entry for CotC, and I will try to remember to blogroll Blog Business World when I update.

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I Am Confused

I could swear someone volunteered to host Carnival of the Capitalists when the next available week was May 17th. I agreed to it and planned to add them to the CotC page after my vacation. Naturally I can't find the e-mail so I know who it was! Maybe I will find it at the office, but meanwhile, if it was you and you see this, please let me know. Or perhaps I was hallucinating.

Also, I am happy to add more people to future slots if anyone would like to commit now.


I have learned that the missing host for CotC was Josh Cohen, of I have added him as the host for May 17th.

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Duck Hunt

This is a great new feature by Sean Hackbarth! It's a roundup of blog posts on Howard Dean.

If you love to hate Howard, this is the metablogging feature for you. Better yet, the inaugural edition of Duck Hunt is as close to an inaugural as the quacked candidate is likely to get.

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Wed Jan 07, 2004

A Few Las Vegas Pictures

These are selected pictures I took in Las Vegas, from the window of our room on the 15th floor of the Luxor, and then a drive-by shot of the front of the Luxor in which I got the sphinx. I have another, closer shot of the sphinx, which is impressive because the camera doesn't finish processing that fast, but in the name of non-redundancy, I'm not including that here. I may someday post a complete set of links to the picture files. For now I just wanted to select and shrink a few to display inline.

Looking off to right out hotel window

Straight out window, facing west, early in AM

Closer view out window, somewhat to the left and a bit later AM

The window from back inside the room, cropped a bit

Extreme left look out window at Mandalay Bay, same owner as Luxur and others

Panorama out window a bit back from window still later in AM

Luxor and Mandalay Bay with sphinx in foreground from car on Las Vegas Blvd side

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Nice Rings To It

Here is a picture of our wedding bands, which apart from size and width are matching white gold. They show a bit of yellow in the right light and in this picture, but normally they appear silver.

Wedding Rings

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This Is Kind Of Different

I am The Lovers

The Lovers often refers to a relationship that is based on deep love - the strongest force of all. The relationship may not be sexual, although it often is or could be. More generally, the Lovers can represent the attractive force that draws any two entities together in a relationship - whether people, ideas, events, movements or groups.

For a full description of your card and other goodies, please visit

What tarot card are you? Enter your birthdate.

Month: Day: Year:

Via Ith here

I couldn't resist looking up several other people too, which was intriguing.

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I am falling asleep where I sit. Before I bash my head against the monitor, I am going to get in bed. Sheesh.

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I am falling asleep where I sit. Before I bash my head against the monitor, I am going to get in bed. Sheesh.

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Goof Quiz Time, Since It's Been A While

If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a shopkeeper. I'm exceptionally polite and helpful, but get angry when people try to take advantage of my trusting nature.
Which NetHack Monster Are You?

Via Sam here

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Winter Driving

Weekend Pundit talks of winter driving and physics, linking and inspired by a Bogieblog post more extensive on the topic of winter driving and fools.

I have never had trouble driving in the snow. Must be because my primary driving implement is my brain, eh? This is why I am completely confident that my amazing wife will have no trouble learning to cope with unaccustomed winter driving. She is at least as intelligent as I am, and has enough background in engineering, physics and math to know about little concepts like inertia. Not that she's looking forward to driving in snow, but I know she can.

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Mmmm... Lasagna

While I was away, my brother, Wayne, and his girlfriend, Jackie, stayed at my apartment for a few days. They had some of his kids stay over here too. The kids loved the place. Too bad I missed them! Wayne did put them on the phone with me while I was riding to Vegas. My niece, Michelle, sounded so plaintive with her "I miss you..."

It was great coming home to a somewhat more organized apartment. I left for California on Christmas, and didn't get the last of the stuff from my old apartment until Christmas eve. Thus there was lots of random dumpage of belongings about the place. I was also out of soap, which I left money for them to pick up for me so there'd be something for them to shower with, along with money to help do things with the kids, and a bag of small presents for them.

When I returned, things were moved and made more compact, even put away better. There was a huge mulitpack of soap - unopened! - and they bought me dishwasher soap and confirmed the dishwasher indeed works.

I told them eat any of my food they wanted. Instead they left me food. There are a few cookies, unfortunately suffering a little from an open bag. There's cookie dough, waiting to be baked. There are a couple ice cream bars. There's an entire head of lettuce, half an onion, and some dressing.

Best of all... homemade lasagna! Three containers of it in the freezer, waiting for me. It was delicious! I promptly tried it, of course. No wonder Wayne looked happy and well fed in his latest pictures. Jackie is obviously a good cook, being that it's some of the best lasagna I have had. Yum!

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Irritable Male Syndrome

Rosemary has a fascinating post on Irritable Male Syndrome up over at Dean's World. This is sort of like PMS, which she also writes interestingly about to bridge into the topic of IMS, only different.

People tend to forget that men have hormones too, and we can be afflicted by them too. Once upon a time, in a place or two lost in the mists of time and my cluttered mind, I read about men having a monthly hormonal fluctuation similar to that women undergo. It made sense to me, as I know the kinds of things my moods do and the irritable phases I go through - and what can drive that, if not on a monthly basis.

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Jet Lag

It really sucks. This is my first experience with it. Plus I'm feeling borderline sick, like a bit of a cold coming on.

I was like that in CA too, and it kept going back away. Here's hopng it'll do that without Deb here to keep me distracted and remind me every minute of the day how outrageously happy I am. If there's an actual sickness, we shared so many germs we both ought to have it. We thought it remarkable people around us kept getting sick and we seemed to be immune.

I expect I'll sleep this off and by morning I'll be fine.

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I'm Back!

Well, I made it home. The flights were both more turbulent than anything I have ever encountered in my modest air travel experience. We were being tossed around so much approaching Logan that I thought it would be a crash landing. So it's weird I remained totally calm and relaxed. Must be that marriage thing.

My beautiful bride is currently on the wrong coast, but I am flying back out there on January 31st to spirit her to our new apartment in southeastern Massachusetts.

I love the internet.

We found a one way flight to Los Angeles, non-stop from Boston, for a grand total of $107 and change. That's under $100 before taxes and fees. Wow! Deb will drive to LAX to fetch me, getting us to Fresno sometime after midnight on February 1st. We're leaving Fresno in her truck, pulling a trailer stuffed to the gills, either the evening of the 2nd or first thing the 3rd, and plan to make El Paso (earworm alert!) before we sleep the night of the 3rd. We are trying to balance the desire to visit with people against the desire for speed.

Anyway, the exact details are subject to change. Originally we were thinking of driving all the way east via the south, partly on the idea of hit and run in-person sightings of some other cool bloggers during our extended, one time commute. Now we may take a different route that puts us up through the length of Alabama, up through Tennessee and Kentucky, into Ohio to visit my brother. He's pretty insistent, and Deb is fond of him already, so barring inclemency (is that a word? well, it is now...), we will probably head there.

Anyway, I am rambling. I always wanted to drive across the country. Except when I was a crazy teen and wanted to bicycle across the country. This is my big chance! Even if I do have to make the TSA suspicious by flying one way.

I started a huge long post on how we got established, the wedding, and so forth, but it is now on the laptop of the new Mrs. Solo Ellis. Perhaps I can impose on her to send it to me for revamping and completion. It'll be nice to do that with my normal tools and without feeling like a computer hog. Then again, I typed most of it while she slept.

Barring that, I will at least post little snippets, like our experience outside the courthouse after getting the marriage license, and our first meals as a married couple and together in person too, with suicidal eggs as a bonus. All the President's advisors couldn't put Humpty together again. Not even our future President, Condi.

For now I have to do stuff other than make an obligatory post, like getting back to reality no matter how I feel and how little caffeine seems to be doing for me. I am still on Pacific time.

It's a good thing we'll be living together! I just got a bill for $273 in toll calls since we started talking. That's with most of our calls having been on cell service with massive numbers of minutes included at no extra cost. Yikes! Of course, this is no surprise, considering we spent up to 8 hours at a stretch on the phone. And with just a couple exceptions, never less than 2 hours. This is what happens when you meet the perfect soulmate at a distance. If you're like us, you will know what's happening within a matter if days, so you may as well move quickly...

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Mon Jan 05, 2004

Carnival of the Capitalists Update

First, Misty has the latest Carnival of the Capitalists and it looks great. I wasn't able to get the pointer to it posted this morning before I went off to Deb's brother's wedding reception. We picked up the wedding cake and helped set things up. Both Deb and her sister in law have wonderful families, and it was fun. But I digress. That almost never happens.

Second, Dean has gotten too buried in other things to host Carnival of the Capitalists next time, so there is a change...

Jeremy Wright of Ensight, who was scheduled to host the May 10 CotC, is now the host for the January 12 CotC, rather than Dean Esmay. Sending to capitalists -at- will get the entries to him. I will update the CotC hosts page ASAP after I am home from vacation.

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Sun Jan 04, 2004

Guilty Pleasure?

Ith has posed the question, to be answered in her post's comments, of what your guilty pleasure was for 2003.

But what if you don't feel guilty? Blogging could be considered it, but I am not sure I feel guilty about it. I certainly don't feel guilty about Deb.

Anywho, head on over, check it out and let Ith know if you have any pleasure you feel particularly good (if not guilty?) about for last year...

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Hey Acidman

Jedi Feet At Beach

This is why I married Deb. She doesn't need red polish to have sexy feet. Not bad, eh?

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Predictions Great and Small

Heh. Indeed., which I need to blogroll one of these days when I update my long neglected links, has a roundup of prediction posts bloggers made for the new year.

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Sat Jan 03, 2004

Mahwidge Is What Bwings Us Toghethah Today

I just wanted to make a quick post confirming that the deed is done. Deborah Yoder and I tied the knot at a nice wedding chapel last night. Woohoo!!

There will be a lengthy post on the topic later, including a bit of history on how we got together and all. However, I can't finish it and get out of the hotel by checkout time. Deb thought I ought to just get a brief post up here now, so I did. Stay tuned...

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Fri Jan 02, 2004

Before I Forget Again...

Happy blogiversary to Maddy and Amanda of The Twins Tell The Truth.

Maddy, I am 42 and I still can't tell you the point of gym class. It's just so wrong.

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Thu Jan 01, 2004

You May Want To...

Go look at this post if you haven't seen it already.

I'll post about it here afterward. Let's just say I'm as amazed as she is, and no more expected it ever to happen than she did.

Posted by: Jay Solo on Jan 01, 04 | 9:43 pm | Profile

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Too Funny

Why I Am a Democrat

Posted by: Jay Solo on Jan 01, 04 | 5:13 pm | Profile

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Don't Forget!

I know we're all in a mellow, holiday mode, but there is still a Carnival of the Capitalists this week. Send your entries to capitalists -at- through Sunday evening.

I am thinking that more business/economics year in review or year ahead posts might be cool. Perhaps pondering along those lines will help inspire you to write something for it.

Posted by: Jay Solo on Jan 01, 04 | 2:51 pm | Profile

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Happy New Year

On the eve of my most hopeful and bright new year since forever, I am sitting on Deb's living room floor, beating her at Scrabble. Damn lucky of me, as I am more marginal than you might expect at it, for a word-oriented dude.

At least when I relearned her how to play cribbage, at which I will admit to being superlative, she whooped me.

I meant to post today about our travels, with particular praise for Pea Soup Andersen's and Donut Nation. Highly recommended!

Since I didn't get to a real post, this is one to wish all of you a happy and healthy new year as filled with joy as I expect mine to be. You should always fall in love mutually with your best friend. It's a Good Thing.

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